3D Printers

3D printing technology is considered to be one of the new developing trends of scientific technology. “Turning idea into reality” is always regarded as the most powerful applications of 3D printing. Nowadays, you can not only use 3D prototypes to test designs, colors and features of products before putting it into mass production but also use 3D printers as tools for directly manufacturing products, especially with complex parts and low volume.

3D printing technologies are increasing diversely, we have more and more applications to optimize the production process. You can build your parts with a variety of options, ranging from monochrome plastics to carbon fiber, Composite fiber 3D printing at once (FFF/CFF Technology), High quality surface (SLA) or even metal 3D printing (SLM,… Technology)

We can use 3D printers for many applications: from construction, medicine, fashion to manufacturing industries such as injection mold, automotive, consumer electronics, aerospace….

More information about 3D printers:

3D Printer FFF/CFF Technology

3D Printer SLA      Technology

Metal 3D Printer

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