Metal 3D Printers

Great Support for Automotive Manufacturing Through the support of the SLM Solutions there are manufactured specific components with the SLM® process. Because of undercuts, radii or hollow chambers, these components can´t be manufactured by conventional methods. By the SLM process, the calipers and wheel were optimized. The caliper needs only a connection to the brake circuit,…

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Plastics 3D Printers

By using 3D printing in the automotive world, engineers can be more confident going into production and avoid any errors that may have occurred. For resilient prototypes and parts made from high-performance engineering thermoplastics, Stratasys has Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM) Technology. For beautiful models requiring rubberlike or clear materials with a smooth finish right out of the 3D…

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Plastics 3D Printer Metal 3D Printer

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