End Use Parts

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3D printed part


0.5–2 days

Machined part


5–10 days

Approximate savings



The Challenge

Fabrication costs for end use parts can be astronomically high, driving up costs on small run products and preventing some from getting to market.

The Solution

Fiber reinforced 3D printed end-use parts with Markforged are strong, durable, and have near perfect surface finish.

The Impact

Markforged allows you to drastically drive down costs on low run end-use parts, and opens up opportunities for new bespoke products.

Cost per part depends heavily on production manufacturing volume. For many businesses, the high up-front costs of low cost-per-part processes (like injection molding) make their parts either extremely expensive or impossible to make. Some turn to processes like CNC in an effort to cut costs, but the result isn’t much cheaper. The truth is as simple as it is unfortunate: if you’re making plastic or metal parts at low volume, you’re going to pay heavily for it. 3D printing in the past has produced parts that both looked and performed worse than conventionally machined parts.

With Markforged’s printing platform, you can print parts that both look and work well enough to sell. Printing with chopped carbon fiber reinforced nylon (Onyx) yields parts without defects or layer lines, and continuous fiber reinforcement gives parts the strength and durability to work in application. The variety of end-use parts you can create depends only on the size of the build volume: whether it’s custom formed intakes, drone parts, camera mounts, or bracketry, you’ll be able to affordably produce parts at a small scale. As an added benefit, you can use the same platform to prototype and produce your part, reducing the barrier between R&D and production.

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