RSPro 1400

Using SLA Technology for high Accuracy. UnionTech has nearly 20 years of proven leadership in globally sourced stereolithography 3D printing systems, supply to international markets.

The SL process as originally commercialized for “industrial” applications and represented in UnionTech™ stereolithography 3D printers utilizes a build platform that is immersed in a vat of photopolymer creating a layer of polymer formulation ranging from 0.002 in. to 0.010in. A 355 nanometer wavelength laser draws the cross-section of the prescribed layer with instantaneous curing of the photopolymer. The platform then lowers to the desired layer thickness and a recoater passes over the platform to ensure a uniform layer of photopolymer for the next cross-section. Components from international suppliers are incorporated in UnionTech equipment to ensure the highest levels of performance and service.


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