Smartee Dental Choose UnionTech™ Stereolithography Equipment for High Volume Manufacturing

Orthodontic patients usually replace 30 to 40 pairs of aligners during their entire treatment—to achieve the best result. Every pair features small incremental changes in the aligner. Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, stereolithography technology currently enables customization and mass production at a high resolution, with a high surface quality. The stereolithography process is used to build tooling based on CAD data for a secondary thermoforming of the actual aligner. Smartee Dental chose UnionTech™ stereolithography equipment after a detailed investigation and comparison of various 3D printing technologies.

Mr. Jun Feng Yao, Smartee, General Manager, stated: “The UnionTech™ equipment 0.1mm layer thickness completely meets the printing requirement for these invisible dental aligners. Plus, the large size of the effective build area allows more than 100 pairs to be printed at one time. The specially-developed photosensitive resin material used in the stereolithography process provides cost effective production, high strength, and safe dental aligner production.”

“Relative to cost effectiveness, accuracy, efficiency, stability, and safety, Stereolithography is the best choice. It is also very important to our production stability and product performance that occasional equipment maintenance issues are addressed in a timely manner. UnionTech™ has provided us with great after-sales service and is responsive to our feedback regarding desired technology improvements, ” continued Mr. Jun Feng Yao.

Located in an industrial park in Jiaxing, Smartee is one of the major manufacturers of invisible dental aligners in China. Every day, thousands of customized 3D printed aligners are delivered across the country. Since 2013, Smartee has benefited from UnionTech’s experience and with their total solution of stereolithography equipment, materials, and service, the company moves towards greater success.

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